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Living Room

Living Room was created on the idea of a modern but urban concept that is based on a Mexican and Latin American touch with a spice from countries, Argentina, Chili, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Uruguay.

Owners are international from Mexico and Australia and have brought their international feel to the Living Room in Finland.

Leon Aguilera, Tampere’s local mexican has been here for 7 years now, he was one of the manager who built up the popular Inez  Tapas bar. He then went on and had Barmarcia for 3 years and it became the popular gathering point for people with cocktails and small Mexican Dishes.

We have a great range of beers from many countries and now feature a Craft Beer Fridge as with 12 taps of different craft beers.
All our Wines are Latin American based with our House Wines from Vina Leyda (Chili) and our great selection of wines in our Wine Cellar.
Our staff are all full trained Barista’s and Cocktail experts, so come on in and see our drinks menus, you will be surprised!!

Students are welocm to visit, Free WIFI, really good discounts are availible, check the student organisation Opiskelijan Tampere.

Check out our menu for our Latin based cuisines, and don’t forget we have the best Curros in Finland, freshly made with every order..

Every Friday & Saturday we have our Houses DJ entertain from 8pm to 2.30am, as the night goes on, so does the party!!
Wanna dance, well yep from 12am to 2.30am, the party starts!!!

Adios Amigos

Stay Tuned for more events.